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A Case of Anti-CD36 Induced NAIT in an Arabian Newborn and CD36 Donor Screening

By: Brigitte K. Flesch

Additional Authors: Vanessa Scherer, A. Opitz, T. Zeiler

A case of neonatal alloimmune neutropenia due to anti-HNA-4a antibodies.

By: Rachel Jackson

Additional Authors: Melanie Cotter, Anthony Calvert, Anthony Poles

A novel approach for generating monoclonal HPA-1a-antibodies

By: Janita Oosterhoff

Additional Authors: Thijs W. de Vos, Leendert Porcelijn, Rick Kapur, Masja de Haas, Federica Linty, Ellen van der Schoot, Gestur Vidarsson

A novel FCGR3B polymorphism and a new human neutrophil antigen 1 allele?

By: Tom Browne

Additional Authors: Piers Walser, Leigh Keen, Anthony Poles

Anti-CD36 in The Desert

By: Lilach Bonstein

Additional Authors: Nora Essa, Haneen Amara, Oleg Pikovsky

A PCR free, whole gene, long read NGS method for HNA genotyping

By: Tom Browne

Additional Authors: Pearl E. Hazell, Leigh Keen, Anthony Poles

Apoptotic markers may help in predicting the disease course of pediatric immune

By: Sarina Levy-Mendelovich

Additional Authors: Shraga Aviner, Nechama Sharon, Hagit Miskin ,Joan Yacobovitch, Gili Kenet, Hagit Hauschner, Nurit Rosenberg

Association between ABH secretor status and autoimmune neutropenia of infancy in

By: Kirstine Kløve-Mogensen

Additional Authors: Rudi Steffensen, Tania Nicole Masmas, Henrik Hasle, Andreas Glenthøj, Kaspar René Nielsen

Cutaneous Hemorrhage Types as Supportive Factors for Predicting Chronic Immune T

By: Nechama Sharon

Additional Authors: Kalfon Sarit, Hamadeh Haitham, Schachter Yaakov

Distribution of HNA alleles across the Brazilian territory

By: Ana Jala

Additional Authors: Elyse Moritz, Juliana Oliveira Martins, Akemi Kuroda Chiba, José Orlando Bordin

Fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopeia (FNAIT), algorythm in CITM

By: Maja Tomicic

Additional Authors: BINGULAC-POPOVIC J.

Human neutrophil antigen genotyping by next generation sequencing

By: Tom Browne

Additional Authors: Leigh Keen, Anthony Poles

Human neutrophil antigen HNA-1, -3, -4 and -5 allele frequencies in Croatia

By: Ružica Štimac

Additional Authors: M. Tomičić, J. Bingulac Popović, R. Kundid, I. Babić, T. Vuk, I. Jukić

Neutropenia in Children with COVID-19

By: Doua Bakry

Persistent neonatal thrombocytopenia can be caused by IgA antiplatelet antibodie

By: Nechama Sharon

Additional Authors: Hagit Hauschner, Nurit Rosenberg, Uri Seligsohn, Rafael Mendelsohn, Aryeh Simmonds, Yakov Shiff, Yaakov Schachter, Shraga Aviner

Platelet transfusion refractoriness cases referred to NHSBT Filton

By: Matthew Hopkins

Additional Authors: Lorraine Flores, David Pearson, Anthony Calvert, Anthony Poles

Presence of ‘ACKR1/DARC null’ polymorphism in Arabs from Jisr az-Zarqa with Beni

By: Nechama Sharon

Additional Authors: Dana Elhadad, Amos J. Simon, Yotam Bronstein, Moshe Yana

Prevalence,Clinical evaluation and Laboratory Diagnosis of NAIT

By: Greeshma Sharma

Additional Authors: Rati Ram Sharma, Praveen Kumar, Rekha Hans, Prateek Bhatia, Shano Naseem

Routine fetal platelet genotyping by ddPCR : overview of the French experience

By: Rachel Petermann

Additional Authors: Mammasse Yasmine, Chenet Christophe, Bianchi Frédéric, Mailloux Agnès

The influence of COVID-19 pandemic on diagnostic work in our platelet laboratory

By: Primož Rožman

Additional Authors: Mojca Jež, Eva Kocjan, Tomaž Jerlah, Katerina Jazbec, Elvira Maličev

The presence of anti-granulocytic antibodies in children with granulocytopenia d

By: Małgorzata Uhrynowska

Additional Authors: Łopacz P, Piaskowska K, Szczepaniak B, Purchla-Szepioła S, Skulimowka J, Gierszon A, Orzińska A, Guz K.

The role of Fc glycosylation of anti-HLA antibodies in platelet refractoriness

By: Thijs van Osch

Additional Authors: Tamas Pongracz, Arthur E. H. Bentlage, Carolien A. M. Koeleman, Jan Nouta2, Dionne M. Geerdes, Juk Yee Mok, Sebastiaan Heidt, Arend Mulder, Wim J....

TRALI – multiple suspects for a crime

By: Conceição Malcata

Additional Authors: L. Ramalhete, F. Pereira, A. Garção

UK NEQAS for H&I Schemes for HPA Genotyping and Antibody Detection/Specification

By: Amy De'Ath

Additional Authors: Deborah Pritchard, Tracey Rees